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Depaul USA St. Louis provides housing and supportive services to homeless men, women, and youth through Project More, Project Plus, and the St. Lazare House.

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Program Overview

Depaul USA has four programs in St. Louis that provide permanent supportive housing to youth and adults who are chronically homeless with untreated mental illnesses. These services include:

  • Housing
  • Case management
  • Financial education services
  • Employment and benefit services
  • Connection to medical and mental health providers
  • Obtaining identification documentation
  • Transportation assistance
  • Development of life skills and community engagement
  • Recovery and community support services

Project More and Project Plus

Project More/Plus are permanent supportive scattered site housing programs. All clients have a major mental illness, and many have one or more behavioral health and/or chronic health issues. The participants are housed in one-bedroom apartments throughout St. Louis and rent is paid directly by Depaul USA. These two programs were among the highest ranked scattered sites programs in the St. Louis Continuum of Care for the Homeless initiative.

St. Lazare House

St. Lazare House is a congregate permanent supportive housing program serving fifteen youth 18-24 years old. These youth are chronically homeless and have mental health issues. St. Lazare House is the only permanent supportive housing program for unaccompanied homeless youth in St. Louis city. The goal is to enable them to improve their health and wellness, move into permanent housing of their own, and learn to be productive members of the community.

Depaul Realty, LLC

Depaul USA operates Depaul Realty, LLC, a 12-unit apartment building that provides safe and secure housing to low income individuals in St. Louis and houses the office for Project More and Project Plus.

2023 Outcomes

In 2023, St. Louis programs served 89 people.

Served 67 individuals

100% retention rate

Provided 21,853 bed nights to participants

5 participants recorded an increase in benefits

Served 22 unique individuals

Attained a 97% retention rate

Provided 5,702 bed nights

18 current participants


Robert was about to finish high school and was working on a farm. Unfortunately, Robert fell off a tractor and was run over. The accident left him with a serious brain injury. The injury prevented him from achieving his dream of obtaining an associate welding degree. Robert suffered from depression and severe mood swings. He lived with his family for a while and then couch surfed with friends. He ended up sleeping in his car and living on the streets.

Robert became suicidal. After his third hospitalization, Robert went to a homeless shelter for men. He spent his days looking for work and returned to the shelter at night to sleep. All the while, he struggled with his depression.

At the age of 22, four years after the accident, Robert’s life finally took a turn for the better. Robert was referred to Depaul USA’s St. Lazare House, a supportive residence for homeless youth. At St. Lazare House, Robert had his own apartment and 24/7 access to our dedicated team who provided him with personalized care. Soon Robert had a job at a social enterprise bakery.

After six months at St. Lazare House, Robert was ready to take the next step. He moved to his own apartment. In his new home, Robert lives independently but can still call on Depaul USA staff at any time for help. Robert will continue to live with the effects of that terrible farm accident. However, now Robert has a safe and welcoming home, is part of the community and has a job he enjoys.

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