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Housing Services

Depaul USA believes that housing is the key to ending homelessness. Therefore, we operate permanent, temporary, and affordable housing programs to provide a safe, comforting place to call home.

homeless man receiving housing services

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing (PSH) is a proven solution to homelessness for the most vulnerable chronically homeless people. It pairs housing with case management and supportive services and there is no time limit on how long you can reside in the housing or receive the housing assistance. Depaul USA offers six PSH programs:

  • Coming Home – New Orleans
  • St. Raymond’s House – Philadelphia
  • Project Plus/Plus 2 – St. Louis
  • St. Lazare House – St Louis
  • Macon Housing — Macon 
  • Leavenworth Attainable Housing — Leavenworth
  • Strobel Center — Nashville

Temporary Housing

Temporary housing is intended to be short-term. There is a time limit on how long you can stay in the housing or receive the housing assistance. The goal is to move from this housing to permanent housing. Depaul USA offers seven Temporary Housing programs:

  • RRCHI – New Orleans
  • Depaul House – Philadelphia
  • Rapid Rehousing – Philadelphia
  • RRH — Philadelphia
  • St. Joseph — Philadelphia
  • Next Chapter — Philadelphia
  • Dax — Chicago 
  • Dax — New York City 
housing services for homeless man sitting on house porch
homeless woman standing in front on home

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing includes houses and apartments that provide below-market rents for low-income or disabled men and women. Depaul USA operates affordable housing units in three cities:

  • Philadelphia
  • Little Rock
  • St. Louis

Depaul USA housed 474 unique individuals in 2023.

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