Privacy Policy Statement

Depaul USA takes necessary precautions to protect your information. Depaul USA will respect and protect your privacy by handling any information that we collect from you or have about you from other sources.

This notice applies to visitors to our website and social media platforms, donors, event attendees, volunteers, job applicants, people who receive advice, support or housing services from us.

For further information about our privacy practices please contact:



This notice describes the privacy policy and practices of Depaul USA as it relates to the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). The employees of Depaul USA collect personal information only when appropriate. Depaul USA may use or disclose your information to provide you with services. Depaul USA may also use or disclose personal information to comply with legal and other obligations.

As a client/consumer, you may request to inspect the electronic or paper record of the personal information about you that Depaul USA maintains in HMIS. You may also ask Depaul USA to correct inaccurate or incomplete information. You may ask Depaul USA about the HMIS privacy policy or practices. Depaul USA will respond to your questions and complaints.

Please read this entire notice for more details. A copy of the entire notice can be provided to you upon request.

What This Notice Covers

  1. This notice describes the privacy policy and practices of Depaul USA.
  2. The policy and practices in this notice cover the processing of protected personal information for clients of Depaul USA.
  3.  Protected Personal Information is any information we maintain about a client that:
    1. allows identification of a client/consumer directly or indirectly
    2. can be manipulated by a reasonably foreseeable method to identify a
    3. specific client/consumer, or
    4. can be linked with other available information to identify a specific client/consumer.

 Why Collect Personal Information?

  1. Personal information is collected for a number of purposes including but not limited to the following:
  2. to provide or coordinate services to clients/consumers
  3. to locate other programs that may be able to assist clients/consumers
  4. for functions related to payment or reimbursement from others for services that are provided
  5. to operate our organization, including administrative functions such as legal, audits, personnel, oversight, and management functions
  6. to comply with government reporting obligations
  7. when required by law
  8. Depaul USA will only use lawful and fair means to collect personal information. If you seek assistance from Depaul USA and provide us with personal information, it is assumed that you consent to the collection of information as described in this notice. Depaul USA may also get information about you from other sources, including the following:
  9. Individuals who are with you
  10. Other private organizations that provide services
  11. Government agencies
  12. Telephone directories and other published sources
  13. Depaul USA will post notices (as per below) at various intake and service locations.


Depaul USA collect personal information directly from you for reasons that are discussed in our NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES. Depaul USA may be required to collect some personal information by law or by organizations that provide funds to operate this program. Other personal information that is collected is important to run our programs, to improve services, and to better understand the needs of individuals being served. Depaul USA only collect information that is considered to be appropriate.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. Depaul USA will use or disclose personal information for activities described in this part of the notice. We assume that you consent to the use or disclosure of your personal information for the purposes described here and for other uses and disclosures that we determine to be compatible with these uses or disclosures:
  2. to provide or coordinate services to individuals (shelter, housing, case management, etc.)
  3. for functions related to payment or reimbursement for services
  4. to carry out administrative functions such as personnel oversight, management functions, and auditing purposes.
  5. to create de-identified (anonymous) information that can be used for research and statistical purposes
  6. when required by law
  7. to avert a serious threat to health or safety if

(1) we believe that the use or disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the health or safety of an individual or the public, and

(2) the use or disclosure is made to a person reasonably able to prevent or lessen the threat, including the target of the threat:

  1. to report victims of abuse when authorized by law.
  2. for research purposes unless restricted by other federal and state laws.
  3. to a law enforcement official for a law enforcement purpose (if consistent with applicable law and standards of ethical conduct).
  4. for judicial and administrative proceedings in response to a lawful court order, court-ordered warrant, subpoena or summons issued by a judicial officer, or a grand jury subpoena.
  5. to comply with government reporting obligations for homeless management information systems and for oversight of compliance with homeless management information system requirements.
  6. Before we make any use or disclosure of your personal information that is not described here, we seek your consent first.

How to Inspect and Correct Personal Information

  1. You may inspect and have a copy of your personal information that we maintain. We will offer to explain any information that you may not understand.
  2. We will consider a request from you for correction of inaccurate or incomplete personal information that we maintain about you. If we agree that the information is inaccurate or incomplete, we may delete it or we may choose to mark it as inaccurate or incomplete and to supplement it with additional information.
  3. To inspect, get a copy of, or ask for correction of your information, by submitting your request in writing to your social worker/case manager.
  4. We may deny your request for inspection or copying of personal information if:
  5. the information was compiled in reasonable anticipation of litigation or comparable proceedings
  6. the information is about another client/consumer
  7. the information was obtained under a promise of confidentiality and the disclosure would reveal the source of the information, or
  8. disclosure of the information would be reasonably likely to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual.
  9. If we deny a request for access or correction, we will explain the reason for the denial. We will also include, as part of the personal information that we maintain, documentation of the request and the reason for the denial.
  10. We may reject repeated or harassing requests for access or correction.

 Data Quality

  1. We collect only personal information that is relevant to the purposes for which we plan to use it. To the extent necessary for those purposes, we seek to maintain only personal information that is accurate, complete, and timely.
  2. OSH will maintain any/all personal information as required by federal, state, or local laws.

 Complaints and Accountability

  1. We accept and consider questions or complaints about our privacy and security policies and practices.

Any questions or complaints can be brought to your social worker/case manager. If you feel your question/complaint is not fully addressed within a reasonable timeframe, you may register a complaint with the municipal office providing homeless services during normal business hours.

Little Rock Homeless Services Advocate (501) 379-1596

UNITY of Greater New Orleans 504-821-4496

Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services 215-686-7181

St. Louis Office of Homeless Services (314) 657-1704

For further information regarding the HMIS Privacy and Security for Depaul USA St. Louis please click here.