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Black Lives Matter

The Depaul USA family is heartbroken about the recent and ongoing events of racial injustice against Black people.

Depaul USA condemns the murder of George Floyd.

Depaul USA believes Black Lives Matter.

Depaul USA is working to end all racial inequality within its organization and the society in which it provides housing and homeless services.

Depaul USA, consistent with its Vincentian values, commits to:

  • Continuing to diversify its board and leadership;
  • Expanding cultural competency training to include all staff and board members;
  • Increasing its minority-owned vendors and their share of its expenditures; and
  • Regularly assessing pay equality across all its programs.

Recognizing that the people served by Depaul USA are predominantly Black and the leadership teams are not, Depaul USA commits to these actions to listen, learn and become a better organization.