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Depaul USA has seven programs in Philadelphia that provide services for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness.

Program Overview

Depaul USA opened its first program in Philadelphia in 2009 and currently operates five different programs and a social enterprise. Depaul USA’s services provide comprehensive services to help individuals transition from homelessness to lives of greater stability and fulfilment.

Programs in Philadelphia provide various services to help individuals exit homelessness; including:

  • Housing
  • Case management
  • Financial education
  • Consumer-centered employment assistance

“As I reflect on my academic and career journey, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for Depaul USA—a crucial chapter in my life. I lived at St. Joseph’s House for just one year, my senior year, and it profoundly impacted who I am today. The support and resources provided were instrumental in reaching the finish line of my academic journey. The vibrant community at Depaul USA offered not only a roof over my head but a network of opportunities that enriched my senior year. The collaborative spirit within those walls enhanced my personal life. I was able to be a part of something beautiful, that cares and helps their community. 

Without the help and resources that Depaul USA generously offered, I wouldn’t be the professional I am today. The community opportunities were amazing, shaping not only my academic path but also fostering personal growth.”

—Nayeli, Philadelphia Dax graduate


Depaul USA’s first program, Depaul House, is a 27-room recovery house for men in Philadelphia. All referrals originate with the Philadelphia Office of Addiction Services (OAS). This program is innovative in its employment-focused approach to help men move out of homelessness. It seeks to achieve systemic change: breaking the cycle of poverty by working with people who are living on the margins and integrating them into the community.


For more information contact Christelle Champagne at

Depaul USA opened St. Raymond’s House in 2015 to provide supportive housing for 27 men and women with chronic medical conditions and a history of housing instability. Staff work with residents to identify goals that will help them maintain their tenancy. St. Raymond’s House, is located in the East Mount Airy neighborhood and hosts an on-site medical clinic one day per week staffed by students from Drexel University College of Medicine.


For more information contact Brandon Doll at

Depaul USA opened the St. Joseph’s House Dax Program in 2020 to offer safe and stable housing to homeless college students. St. Joseph’s House partners with multiple universities throughout Philadelphia to provide supportive, wrap-around services to the young people living in the program.


For more information contact Sr. Bethany Welch at

Provides 12 months of rental assistance through scattered-site units with short-term subsidies and case management assistance. Depaul USA houses 25-35 men, women, and families per year in scattered-site units throughout Philadelphia and helps individuals gain employment and maintain their housing.


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Immaculate Cleaning Services (ICS) is a for-profit commercial cleaning franchise, operated by Depaul USA, which offers employment opportunities to Depaul House residents and graduates.


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2023 Outcomes

40 male residents

24 residents secured employment

Provided 12,855 meals

34% of the residents completed the program and moved to permanent housing.

Provided 4,285 bed nights to residents

Housed 28 adults

Provided 12,861 meals

Attained a 93% retention rate

Housed 54 individuals

89% transitioned to permanent housing

94% remained housed one year after leaving the program.

Provided 11,617 bed nights to participants

Retained a 100% retention rate

Provided 2,593 bed nights to residents

100% of residents moved onto permanent housing

Provided 10,170 meals

Assisted 11 people in gaining employment

Provided 4,296 bed nights to residents

78% of residents moved onto permanent housing

Provided services and housing to 84 residents

57% of participants moved to permanent housing

Provided 3,330 bed nights to residents

Attained a 57% retention rate


Herbert could no longer afford rent and was evicted from his home. He sought help from Depaul USA and we provided him with a room at Depaul House. Herbert’s goals were to improve his health, get a job, reconnect with his family and move into his own place. While working on these objectives, Herbert became overwhelmed. He started using drugs. Herbert wanted to enroll in a residential drug treatment center but he was afraid he would lose his room at Depaul House. We assured Herbert that he could return to Depaul House when he finished the treatment program.

Thirty days later, Herbert returned to Depaul House with a smile on his face saying he felt stronger than ever before. Currently, Herbert is doing well. He continues to attend outpatient treatment and has a full-time job at a local college. He reconnected with his family and moved into his own apartment. He says, “Depaul USA believed in me even when I could not. I can’t believe that I have my own place!”

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