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Little Rock

Depaul USA manages Jericho Way Day Resource Center and has recently expanded its services in Little Rock to include affordable housing.

Jericho Way Day Resource Center

Depaul USA Jericho Way is the only day resource center in Central Arkansas. Every weekday in Little Rock, an average of 150 homeless men and women visit Jericho Way to receive services that help them overcome the immediate crisis of homelessness. These services include:

  • Housing placement
  • Case management
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Laundry facilities
  • Showers
  • Clothing closet
  • Access to phones and computers
  • Transportation assistance
  • Identification and documentation

LaTissle Cummings-Stevenson,

Director of Jericho Way

Affordable Housing

In 2018, Depaul USA purchased and rehabbed an abandoned house on Heather Lane. The house is fully remodeled and home to an employed gentleman who pays 30% of his adjusted monthly income in rent.

Last year, Depaul USA broke ground on the construction of a duplex on South State Street. This new development, designed by a local architect, has added two more affordable units to Little Rock’s housing inventory.

Settled Souls

Settled Souls, a local non-profit, provides free furnishings to each person housed out of Jericho Way. They provide furniture, household goods, and a food starter kit.


Jericho Way 2023

4,824 visits

14,422 meals

3,301 hygiene services

37 people moved on to permanent housing

6 individuals attained employment


“I’ve come a million miles from eating out of a dumpster to eating supper at my own kitchen table.” Depaul USA Jericho Way provided many services to help Vincent while he was experiencing homelessness. In September 2018, he moved into Depaul USA’s first affordable housing unit on Heather Lane. He is no longer homeless, he is employed at Depaul USA Jericho Way, and loves his new home.

“I feel alive and more in touch with my life. When I get off the bus and take the 10min walk to Heather Lane, it’s like walking on the clouds… I realize my home is just around the corner and my heart just dances and I smile inside and out. In the shelter and prison, I’ve seen no hope. I’ve stood in line asking for basic needs for today: soap, tissues, food. Just like the animals in the dog shelter, I make puppy dog eyes to a man to let him know how needy I am with a deflated chest, broken spirit, and the longing to just stop being. Having a home and being able to pay rent, utilities, put food on the table, wash my own clothes and dishes is something unexplainable. In prison and in the shelter I had no peace. There is peace at Heather Lane. My chest sticks out and I look like a man when I look in the mirror.”

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